Experience Vancouver – Laura’s blog

Experience Vancouver was a homecoming for me. The blue of the ocean, the tall high rises, the ethnic diversity, and the organic sensibilities all felt familiar. My sister and brother-in-law live just blocks away from Reality Vancouver’s office… Read More

Experience Vancouver – Lisa’s Blog

“Aslan is on the move”. Whenever this phrase is spoken in the C.S. Lewis book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe there is a hum of amazement and awe. People whisper it as a promise of what… Read More

Experience Vancouver walking tour

What does your church look like?  Artisan Church, Downtown Vancouver “What does your church look like?” A woman asked this as Artisan was taking form.  Church planter Lance Odegard’s flippant answer became the unintentional vision statement for the… Read More

Japanese Cuisine – Nick (Faithwerks Church)

We love sushi in Vancouver.  But if raw fish is not your thing, here are some excellent places to try cooked Japanese cuisine. Hachibei is a small family run restaurant on 16th Ave.  I come here for comfort… Read More

Foodie Paradise – Dave (Killarney Park Church)

Welcome to Vancouver!  We are excited that fellow Canadian MB’s have the chance to see life from a West Coast perspective.  As you explore, you’ll notice a city vibrant with many different sights, smells, tastes and cultures.  It… Read More

Family Friendly Vancouver – Sarah (Reality Church)

I love raising our family in Vancouver. I’m honoured to share what we enjoy about the city. We live in Gastown, just west of the Downtown Eastside. My recommendations for the Vancouver experience come out of our life… Read More

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